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Alaska is vast.
We’ll show you how to fit it all in—whether
you want to book it yourself or get help
from our local experts.

Whether you go for a few hours or choose an unforgettable multi-day expedition, get a selfie with a sled dog and have a howling good time.

What kind of tours do we offer?

Hiking tours

Hiking is one of the best ways to discover what makes the Alaskan wilderness unique: fragrant forests, amazing wildlife, the sounds of nature, sublime mountain light, and a real sense of peace.

Northern lights tours

If you visit Alaska in November, December or January, you will experience a very short period of daylight providing a unique experience in the high northern hemisphere.

Dog sledding tours

Dog sledding has been a popular sport in Alaska for generations. Iditarod mushers will take you on a dog sled ride, tell you stories from the world-famous race, and let you cuddle with sled dogs.

Dog sledding tips

Trust the dogs

Huskies are very intelligent and will know the route better than you.

Learn basics

As with biking, let your body-weight do the turning. Travelling up to 20 mph is no mean feat.


Here, in Alaska, it is very cold. Get warm clothing. Take into the account that you will be travelling at speed through the very cold conditions.

Tips for hiking in the snow

Keeping Warm

You should always be prepared on any hike, ski or snowshoe trip to stay warm and sheltered with nothing more than what you are carrying with you. Do not count on a campfire or wood stove to keep you warm.


Unlike the long hours of daylight in the summertime, winter days are very short, and darkness can easily surprise anyone in the woods with its quick arrival. Always plan your trips to maximize your use of daylight. Always carry a flashlight and headlamp in case you are stuck in the darkness.


Hiking in the snow takes a lot of effort, especially if you are sinking into the white stuff, creating a "post-hole" with each step. Further, post-holes can be hazards to those who may be using skis.

Ella Lamb

Co-Founder of Eye Of Alaska.com

We are a highly respected company that's helped hundreds of thousands of visitors plan successful Alaska vacations. Our commitment to you and Alaska is personal. Our principals originated one of the largest private conservation gifts in the history of the state, which protected thousands of acres of Alaska's finest wild lands for you and future generations.

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Had a fantastic day, the guides were so encouraging and entertaining. Really enjoyed the day and it was a fantastic experience. Thank you!

Isobel Miller

Our tour guide was excellent. He was very educating as well as funny to keep everyone engaged. Loved the itinerary and gave us plenty of time to roam around ourselves.

Samantha Cox

A very entertaining trip with lots of information about the local history. We really enjoyed the trip. Thank U so much for the wonderful trip.

Alexandra Johnson

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