Top 10 best trails for hiking in Alaska

1. Portage Pass

Short and sweet - just how we like em'! Drive through the tunnel to Whitter and take the short gravel road on the right (almost directly after coming out of the tunnel). 750-foot elevation gain will lead you to unforgettable views of Portage Glacier, Prince William Sound and a beautiful beach.

2. Barometer Mountain – Kodiak

At only about 4 miles round trip, you'll still gain over 2,500 feet in elevation. If you want the true 'island life' lookout experience, this is a MUST when visiting Kodiak. Just remember to be aware of wildlife along the way and be prepared for the steep incline coming up and loose shale coming down.

3. Indian River Trail – Sitka

Easily accessible within walking distance of downtown Sitka, those who embark on this memorable 4.5-mile hike (one way) will be stunned by what they see. Enjoy the 70 foot waterfall, fishy filled river and about 1000 foot elevation gain with rewarding views the higher you get.

4. Chilkoot Trail – Skagway

33 miles of international beauty starts in the town of Skagway and winds all the way through Canada’s Yukon Territory and ends at Lake Bennett.

5. Kesugi Ridge

Located just outside of Denali National Park, this breathtaking hiking spot should be on everyone's "life list" - it's THAT good. Start the journey at Coal Creek trailhead on the George Parks Highway (mile 164) and end at Byers Lake trailhead (mile 147).

6. Lost Lake - Kenai Peninsula

Access this epic hiking spot at two separate locations: Primrose Campground on Kenai Lake (Mile 17 of the Seward Highway) or from Mile 5 of the Seward Highway. This 14-mile trail is perfect for hiking, running and even mountain biking. Make it an overnight trip and camp on the soft tundra by the stunning Lost Lake.

7. Crow Pass

24 miles of Southcentral Alaska paradise. From the groovy town of Girdwood ending at the Eagle River Nature Center, hikers here can enjoy fantastic views of Raven Glacier and the Eagle River Valley.

8. Deer Mountain Trail – Ketchikan

Arguably the best and most iconic hiking spot in the area, hikers can expect to enjoy lush rainforest, stunning sights at Blue Lake and about 3,000 feet of total elevation gain. Total distance is about 5 miles round trip from trail head to summit.

9. Mount Marathon - Seward

This 3-mile round-trip hike will give you the most spectacular views of Seward and the Kenai Fjords National Park from high in the sky. Almost straight up, you can expect to gain about 3,022 feet in elevation before reaching the summit.

10. Wickersham Dome Trail

About an hour from Fairbanks, you'll drive 28 miles on the Elliott Highway from Fox. Here you will be able to access this phenomenal hiking spot in the White Mountains National Recreation Area. Enjoy well over 200 miles of hiking. It's the perfect place to load the dogs up and get out for a day of adventure, without the crowds.